• Green Equipment Management Solution (G.E.M.S)

    G.E.M.S is a tailor-made solution to help businesses transit into sustainable clean energy by leveraging on solar generated energy and an asset management solution.

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    LGR- Solar Solution

    We setup our generators and solar panels on each working vehicle to ensure daily operations can run smoothly after conversion.

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    Asset Management Service

    We have an asset management system which runs on cloud that allows optimization and sharing of equipment at company's level.

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    Equipment/Asset support

    We ensure that your operations run smoothly without hiccups and has zero-downtime.


  • 6 key benefits of G.E.M.S

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    Increase profits

    Guaranteed savings of at least 25% per month by process redesign, optimization of current workflow and maximizing efficiency!

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    Maximum uptime means never paying for additional equipment and buying only what you absolutely need.

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    Lesser operational upkeep

    Fix monthly cost means you can better managed your costing for better cash flow!

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    Asset management

    Our digital asset management takes care of your tools while you work on growing your business!

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    Sustainable solar solution

    Proven and tested sustainability solution that powers your daily operational needs without additional cost.

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    Reducing environmental impact

    Aim to be carbon neutral by 2030 and caring for employees' well-being by prioritize health and safety.

  • LGR Solar Generator

    Urban construction today is powered by diesel generators to meet increasing demands of power draw by machinery. Our solar generator harnesses solar energy and/or charges via AC and stores it in our battery pack and is discharged when needed. You no longer need to worry about noxious emission and constant expensive upkeep such as fuel and repairs. All our generators have fast charge features to ensure maximum uptime. 

  • LGR Solar Generator

    Sustainability Advantage

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    Plug & Play Model

    Incredibly easy to use, just press the on button and start using.

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    Capable of running fully on renewable energy means having nearly zero direct emissions.

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    Work anywhere even in noise sensitive areas without noise. Our generator runs less than 30 decibels at full load.

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    Low Operationing Cost 

    Refueling can be messy and time comsuming, never have to refill again. That means saving up to 65% on running costs.

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    Improving work efficiency

    Drastically improve your workflow processes and increase revenue up to 30% with our tailored-made G.E.M.S solution.

  • Flexible Solar Panel

    Installation to maximize efficiency on the go. Modular to increase overall output.

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  • Lightweight Solar Panels

    We install and mount solar panels on the roof of your vehicles so they work for you concurrently.

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    Lightweight and flexible

    Only weighs 3kg and about 4mm thin and they are flexible enough to be mounted on most surfaces.

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    Shatterproof and durable

    Made to be ultra-strong, durable and reliable.

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    High efficiency

    We use the best quality flexible solar mats, with amazing power efficiency rating up to 22%

  • Asset Management Software

    Easy to use interface. G.E.M.S provides a platform for you to seamlessly manage and track all your assets & equipment. At your fingertips, you have all information on the whereabouts, warranty, type, serial number, which team the equipment is deployed at etc. This allows all equipment to be shared and managed on a company's level to drastically reduce cost.

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    Highly customizable

    Our own proprietary software allows customization and detail breakdown of your assets, showing you information that you want to see.

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  • Time is money, save both.

    Our solar generator has been optimized to have ample peak power to support the high power demands of tools and equipment used throughout the day. Additionally, the flexible solar panels provide additional power & taps on sustainable energy to create a truly sustainable solution.


    Contact us

    Tell us about your operational challenges and painpoints so we can address those concerns immediately. We will also discuss the equipment needed to support your daily operations.



    We will optimize,scale and size the generator & solar panels according to your usage requirement.


    Process re-design

    We will prepare a proposal based on your usage requirement, pre and post deployment plan and asset management software that is tailored made for your organization.


    Installation & deployment

    We will prepare and deploy our products within 5 working days and work together with your team to get them up and running.


    Work seamlessly with G.E.M.S. 

    We'll take care of all the paperwork, exchanges and replacement units and ensure your team has no downtime.