• LGR - Green Bull

    (Battery Energy Storage System)

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  • Green Bull (B.E.S.S)

    The Green Bull (B.E.S.S) is 168kwh and includes the following :

    1) Battery modules

    2) A Storage enclosure with thermal management to prevent overheating

    3) Battery management system (BMS) 

    4) Power conversion system (PCS) 

    5) Energy management system (EMS)


    Battery Modules

    Typically connected in series and parallel to get the capacity required.


    Thermal Management

    The Battery Thermal Management System is the device responsible for managing/dissipating the heat generated during the electrochemical processes occurring in cells, allowing the battery to operate safely and efficiently.


    Battery Management System (BMS)

    The battery management system (BMS) continually monitors the battery's output, voltage, temperature, health, fire warning and state of charge (SOC). It also regulates the charging and discharging power based on the input signal.


    Power conversion system (PCS) 

    This system handles the AC to DC conversion or DC to AC conversion, which requires a bi-directional inverter. All the clusters from the battery system are connected to a common DC bus and a further DC bus extended to the PCS. 


    Energy management system (EMS)

    The energy management system (EMS) is the link between the grid demand and the BMS. It continually monitors what the grid needs and how that required energy can be transferred from the BESS. This is done via control logic. The EMS sends an input signal to either charge or discharge the battery depending on the control logic requirement and SOC of the battery system so the system runs remotely.

  • What does the Green Bull power?

    This is a rough indication for reference, please contact us if you need exact specification*

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    Demolition Hammer

    Power 10 of more units of demolition hammer continuously for 8 hours.

    Reference : 1.5kW/hrs

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    Welder sets

    Power 2 or 3 units of welder sets for 8 hours of work.

    Reference : 1.5 kW/hr

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    Rotary Hammers

    Power 10 of more units of rotary hammer continuously for 8 hours.

    Reference : 1.1kW/hrs

  • Benefits

    Sustainability Advantage

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    Plug & Play Model

    Incredibly easy to use interface similar to using a diesel generator. BESS is easily deployed.

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    Zero Direct Emission

    Runs either on grid power or solar panels and charges full in 2.5 hours. Very low maintenance

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    Work anywhere even in noise sensitive areas without noise. Our generator runs less than 70 decibels at full load.

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    Remote Monitoring System 

    Battery packs are remotely monitored using GPS and our team will be notified immediately in case of any problems.

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    Smart Data Management

    Data management allows useful data to be collected and better manage cost at the deployed areas.