• Little Green Ranger ECM Solution

    No more accidental silty discharge and fines!

  • Benefits

    Sustainability Advantage

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    Plug & Play Model

    Incredibly easy to use, just press the on button to start the automation

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    Zero-Emission & Slient

    Capable of running fully on renewable energy means having nearly zero direct emissions. Also work anything even in noise sensitive areas

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    Improving work efficiency

    Drastically improve your workflow processes and increase revenue up to 30% with our tailored-made G.E.M.S solution.


    ECM Set-up Process

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    Preliminary site visit

    This aids us in identifying and pinpointing prospective deployment zones.

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    Installation and deployment

    To ensure optimal performance of the ECM, we will deploy the appropriate size of the batteey generator and solar panels based on the power requirements

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    Connection and set up

    After thoroughly understanding your requirements, we will proceed to set up our solution which will enable the ECM to start/stop automatically.

  • ECM Deployment form

    Kickstarting your automation journey!