• Who are we?

    Little Green Ranger leverages on technology to provide clean energy solutions using solar panels and lithium ion batteries to reduce harmful direct emission, noise pollutions, health issues and excessive CO2 emission to the environment.

  • Are these factors hindering your growth?


    Declining profits?

    Has your profits take a beating from the increasing monthly upkeep?

    Stricter regulations?

    Are increasing government regulation and environmental concerns impacting the way you currently run your business today?

    Higher overheads?

    Are you paying excessively every month due to unforeseen circumstances such as fines, levies and tool maintenance?

    Stocking more than necessary?

    Trouble keeping stocks, finding functional assets when needed and keeping more spare tools than absolutely necessary?

    Trouble converting to zero-emission equipment?

    Unable to 'refill' on the go or finding it had to come up with a working solution for your operational teams?

    Disruptive workflow from faulty tools?

    Always having to spend extra time,  money and manpower costs to repair your equipment?

  • 3 Key sectors we serve

    Outdoor and Camps

    Keeping you connected on the go. Powers all your essential items and equipment.

    Landscape and Cleaning

    Powering all your cordless batteries and tools to ensure continuous workflow throughout the day.


    Zero-emission and works 80% quieter. Powering your machinery anywhere from roadside works to high-rise buildings.

  • Solutions

    Green Equipment Management Solution (G.E.M.S)

    Go green with our tailor-made solar solution that scales according to your daily operational needs. Tap on our proprietary asset management system to track all your equipment be ESG ready and save up to 65% on monthly operational cost!

    Boschung Autonomous EV Sweeper

    100% electric and autonomous with Boschung 2.0 urban sweeper. Fully charged in 100 mins and has a runtime of 10 hours. Learn how Boschung can help you work better and smarter

    Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

    A smart, compact battery system that is emission-free to replace diesel generators to power machinery. The BESS runs on both grid power and solar power and is a plug and play module.

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