• Our Mission & Vision

    Mission: To transit and accelerate the world's adoption of clean energy - solar energy by replacing heavy carbon emission equipment with zero emission solutions by tapping on innovative technologies.

    Vision: Global warming and climate change is real. Our Vision is to hand over a better environment to our children and their children.

  • Power using solar generators & lithium ion batteries

    Little Green Ranger was founded with a vision and purpose of tapping on advancing technology to eliminate harmful direct emissions, noise pollution, health issues and excessive CO2 emission to the environment. Isn't it an irony that majority of the equipment used to clean parks and public places are actually producing pollutions that damages the very environment that we are trying to preserve and enhance? We want to kickstart a revolution in the world starting in Singapore by specifically targeting two high petrol consumption sectors; construction and landscaping, by introducing a sustainable and clean energy solution that replaces petrol counterparts.

    Harnessing solar energy for solar generator 

    In Singapore, statistically we experience about 6 hours of sunlight on average a day throughout the year. That also translate to having 2,190 hours of free solar energy for us to harness and tap on.

    Little Green Ranger helps clients and businesses tailor-make solutions to build competitive advantage and achieve sustainable growth and expansion. We help businesses adopt sustainable practices and improving workflow processes by redesigning the way we harness solar power by tapping on clean & renewable energy. We understand that this is a drastic change to current industry norms but our proven mehods has worked for company across Singapore. Please visit us here to learn more about GEMS

  • Core Values

    What we stand for

    Practical Sustainable Solution

    To provide a long term, sustsolution aiding businesses make the shift and transformation by providing the necessary resources.

    Empower and Educate

    Involving the local business community and enhancing local community employment and involvement.

    To raise awareness and encourage the public to take simple steps to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

    Environment and Climate Friendly

    Combatting climate crisis, environmental degradation and pollution, whilst ensuring public health and promoting awareness.

  • FAQs

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